Multimedia or interactive?

„Multimedia“ and „interactive“ are two different terms that are often used as one. Find out what the difference is and why it is important in connection with web comics journalism.

Comics journalism apparently takes place especially on the web. User can not only turn pages like in the early days, or click or wipe: The forms of presentation are as broad as they are in classic journalism. It is striking how often comics journalists intermesh the possibilities of the internet. Videos, audios, or pictures are not just a nice supplement, but also prove their research and prove that what the user sees and reads in the comic is actually real.

Those comics are mostly multimedia, and hardly interactive. Those terms are often used as synonyms, but they are not. Björn Hammel illustrates that in his groundwork thesis about webcomics (in German). Interactive webcomics need an algorhythm with which the reader can actively interfere into the development of the comic story. Multimedia webcomics simply include pictures and/or audio.


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